The Secret Life of Bees

The Enrichment reading book I choose for the first half of the semester is The Scret Life of Bees by Sue Monk. When I first got the reading list, I had no idea which to choose from. Then Mrs. Peck started introducing some of the books, when she got to The Secret Life of Bees, she said that it was one of her favorite books of all time. I was thinking that as an English teacher, she must have read tons of books. If out of so many this one can be her favorite, it must be exceptional. Also she mentioned that the book is very touching, which is the type I personally enjoy. Combine all the reasons I decided to choose this book.

I expected to find very interesting and mysterious plot from this book. From the book cover it says that it is from the perspective of a teen girl, so I thought that I will be able to find similarities between me and her.

After I have started the book, I am happy about my decision of choosing the book. It is even better than I expected because the narrator is very mature and experienced, which enables me to learn a lot from her. Also the storyline gets more and more exciting and mysterious, which makes me unwilling to put down the book.

I really like the book. I look forward to reading it everyday and I am hoping to find more exciting jorneys from the parts I haven’t get to.


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